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Welcome Visitors to our UYG Blog!

Thanks for visiting our newly created blog for the book, Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend.   Hopefully, you have already placed your pre-order at the Book Baby Store to receive a copy of our labor of love.  While you await the receipt of the book, please feel free to hang out here on the blog with us. Some conversations have already begun, so we hope you'll join in. If you would like to start a new topic, please say so in a comment or better yet, email us through our Contact Form . We would love to know who you are and how you came to discover our book and/or what brought you to our blog - so please introduce yourself by making a comment or two - or ten. We are super excited to continue the types of talks we had amongst ourselves, but now to include you. Quite a few of our book's authors are contributors here and have created personal profile pages. Please tap on their individual names to find out more about them. If you don't see the list of authors directly on your pag
Recent posts

This book gives me goosebumps and frissons of delight.

Post by: Psylvia Gurk I love this book. Of course. I have no objectivity because I am one of the writers. I wish I had said more, or differently. As I read, others are saying the things I wish I’d said. This is collaboration. Thanks for making this happen. Thanks to all of us for sharing with each other and the anonymous others who are and will be reading our little glimpses of ourselves and our experiences.

Our book... now in hands and laps...

As we received advanced copies of UYG, our authors and friends began to play...   Linda received the first shipment in PA...   and then she threw a party...   Janice glowed in Austin... Ellen, beamed in Paris... O'Wongstein on her way to Indy 500... Nona beaching it in Alaska... Janet, it was a rainy afternoon in Boston... Dr. Jane is in the house...  Carlotta on the Chickahominy River... And then some of our 212 classmates began to join the fun... Lovely Paulette looks kind of happy, too... Barbara grew lilacs especially... Kate made it a memorable Memorial Day...  

January 6th 2021 Commission - 35 GOP Senators Voted 'No'... 9 were a 'no-show'...

Post by:   Susan Dukow - Just when we think we've seen it all and nothing else will boggle the brain... may we please have this conversation.  And maybe, just maybe there might be someone here who has continued to be on the side of the GOP and can explain to me/us how they feel about it... not the GOP Senators, but someone who continues to support them no matter what. Is there anything that goes on that makes the supporters waiver from their position?  Anything? Maybe this? Officer Brian Sicknick's Mother and his partner were in Washington yesterday pleading with the GOP Senators to vote in favor of the commission and to no avail...

Winged Victory, The Book Cover

Once upon a time there was a cover for a book whose time had come.  She asked her friend to be her confident during the process, to allow her to bounce ideas and the confident liked the concept - so she agreed. Over the months they waited for the designer at the publisher's to interpret what they had expressed into a graphic design. The first cover from the publisher was hideous - and the disappointment drove the two to collaborate to make another cover over an entire weekend. One drawing, six different versions. The collaborator, pushed and pulled the artist to do it over and over until they both loved it - until it is what you see. Thank you my darling Dina Ghen for encouraging, prodding and believing in me. I love you, Monkey.  Yours always,  Susan

Giving Birth to Our Preemie

Post by:Fran Nachman After Susan announced that our book would be available on July 4 I decided to go back through my GHS email folders to find out when the idea was conceived (pun intentional) When I discovered it was back in November, I realized it was just a bit shorter than a full-term pregnancy. I look forward in great anticipation for our "preemie" book. And how appropriate that it is being published by Amazon Bookbaby!!

Childhood Friend, by Keri Johnson

Post by: Susan Dukow - In an email congratulating us on our book, another friend, Keri Johnson wrote:  P.S. sort of synergistic, I literally just crafted a new song called “Childhood Friend” in case you would like to have a listen….dedicated to my friend, Jennell, who at 12 years old, showed up at my doorstep when I was the new shy girl in the neighborhood….lyrics here as well: Childhood Friend by Keri Johnson Seemed so simple then we became fast friends were we wiser then before life set in? Thru the twists and bends broken hearts to mend every moment spent with you made me believe And I won't let these moments be forgot my childhood friend And let's not let these memories be forgot my childhood friend All those letters you sent one day I'll read them again hope one day we're looking back in our golden years I wonder how you've been? picture the street we lived never thought that we'd be here saying "remember when"

Am I Too Old to Wear This?

Post by: Margit Novack - Summer is coming. So are shorts, camisoles and other cute styles. While I love and look good in flowing styles, I like short summery things too, so I'm asking myself a question many women my age ask at this time of life, "Am I tool old to wear this?" Style self-policing and judging of others' clothing based on age seems to be a uniquely female issue. Do 70-something men look at cargo shorts or pleated pants and wonder if they are age-appropriate?  Do they look at men their age wearing "young clothes" and pass judgment? I can't be certain, but I think it's a girl thing.  Women my age are supposed to do most things in moderation. Moderation is most things is prudent, but is it fun? I like being cautiously adventurous. I want a life that allows a broader standard deviation.  So I'm wearing that short skirt, even if the skin on my legs does look like the face of a Shar Pei. Shar Peis are affectionate, devoted, independent an

Hot Subjects in the U.S.: Voter ID and Voting

Post by: Ellen Williams Lebelle (our woman in Paris) - Voter ID is a big, big issue in the U.S. The voter ID laws, in addition to restrictions on use of absentee ballots, ballot drop-off boxes, poll opening hours, and more, are introduced with the aim of making it more difficult to vote -- more difficult for certain people, in certain neighborhoods. My experience is not in the U.S. I have never voted in the U.S. because I moved to France before the first election in which I could vote. I vote in U.S. elections as an American living overseas thanks to the Voting Rights Act of 1975. My voting experience is different from those of you voting in the U.S., in different states. Please write some comments to this post to share your feelings about the recent voting laws and your experience as a voter.  ID is not in American culture . A driver's license is for driving. If you don't drive, you do not need a license. Some stores may require some form of ID, usually a driver's license

Was there a teacher that you would enjoy meeting fifty years after graduation?

Post by:  Pat McDonnell - Today, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with two former Art teachers, Mr Weinberg and Miss Cohen, from The Philadelphia High School for Girls. Sheila Cohen was our class sponsor. They were special guests at our #212 GHS Zoom meeting. They got married a few years after our graduation and now live in Florida. It was truly a wonderful experience to be able to share so many memories with both of them. Modern technology made this all possible.